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Conditions Générales
Allgemeine Geschaftsbedingungen
General Conditions
Clay Paky Service Page
2 year carry-in warranty
  By submitting an RMA request, (see RMA procedure on the website), the Customer agrees to the general terms and conditions.
Robert Juliat Product Information
2 year carry-in warranty
  Use an original/resistant packaging to prevent damage during the transport. By not using an original/resistant packaging during transport, the risk of damage will be on the clients behalf.
QSC Service Website   By submitting an RMA request, the Customer agrees that a quotation fee will be charged, even if the customer does not ultimately accept the specific quotation provided.
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Neodymium vs Ferrite HF Driver picture
Mounting of K & KW PCB picture
TouchMix 30 WiFi dongle picture
TouchMix 30 Updater Fix Download Fix , View Movie
K Series gain knobs picture
1 year carry-in warranty
New Line, First and Second Generation picture
HES Service Page + January: Closed
+ April: Closed
+ July: Closed
+ Oktober
  1 year carry-in warranty (default)
2 year carry-in warranty (LED fixtures and series4 consoles)
Additional 2 years on LED fixtures can be bought

Find here the correct part number
(discontinued and EOL products included)
HES Spare Parts Listed by Fixture

-> Due to a change at HES there is a shift in pricing and availability on most discontinued parts
There are 3 categories
- Current: These parts and prices are available
- Discontinued: Most parts and prices are available, some may be limited or obsolete
- End Of Life (EOL): Availability and prices are on request, some may be limited or obsolete

SolaSpotPro1500 Yoke back and front cover update difference picture

Hoist Certification Procedure (EN)
We support these brands coming from VELLEMAN
- Prolyft
- Doughty

We will not offer support for these brands from VELLEMAN
We kindly ask you to contact the manufacturer
JB Lighting :
DAS Audio :
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